White House Mechanics

The mechanics of getting in the White House.  On this page you will find relevant news stories and tools to help you track the progress of the US Presidential Elections.  I created this page during the 2008 Election, but it remains relevant because, in the US, someone is always running for the White House.

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Meme Makes Up New Amendment

A meme circulating online falsely claims that there is a 28th Amendment to the Constitution that bars lawmakers from exempting themselves from having to comply with existing laws. There is no such amendment.

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FactChecking Trump’s NATO Remarks

President Donald Trump repeated a slew of false claims to an international audience at the annual NATO summit.

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Photo of Soldiers During Trump Visit Not ‘Fake’

A popular social media meme erroneously claims Fox News posted a "fake picture" of U.S. soldiers cheering President Donald Trump during his recent visit to Afghanistan. The image used in the meme was doctored to make it appear that the event had been staged.

The post Photo of Soldiers During Trump Visit Not ‘Fake’ appeared first on FactCheck.org.

Another Bogus Claim About Nancy Pelosi

A self-described satirical website made up a story about House Speaker Nancy Pelosi being kicked out of an event after a "drunken outburst." That bogus story since has been posted on other websites without being labeled as satire.

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Zelensky’s Remarks About Trump, In Context

President Donald Trump said the impeachment inquiry should be "case over" because Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky told reporters "very strongly that President Trump did absolutely nothing wrong." But that's not what Zelensky said.

The post Zelensky’s Remarks About Trump, In Context appeared first on FactCheck.org.

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