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The mechanics of getting in the White House.  On this page you will find relevant news stories and tools to help you track the progress of the US Presidential Elections.  I created this page during the 2008 Election, but it remains relevant because, in the US, someone is always running for the White House.

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Bogus Claim of Voter Fraud in Ohio

Q: Were there “major signs of voter fraud” in Ohio’s congressional special election?

A: No. The Ohio Secretary of State’s office says there have been no reports of voter fraud.

Recently there has been a report that a district in Ohio (district 12?) where 170 “registered voters” were showing as being 116 years old.  I have only been able to find this on sites such as Breitbart,

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Stories Conflate Immigration Issues

Q: Did the Obama administration separate “72,410 Children From Their Families in 2013”?

A: That’s the number of immigrants removed that year who had U.S.-born children. But viral stories wrongly conflate removals with President Trump’s zero tolerance policy.

Viral stories that defend the Trump administration’s policy of separating children from adults caught illegally crossing the country’s southwest border are claiming that the Obama administration did worse —

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PAC Attack on Kelli Ward Badly Misfires

A group calling itself DefendArizona attacks Senate candidate Kelli Ward of Arizona in a TV ad filled with images of terrorists and misstatements of facts.

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The Cost of ‘Medicare-for-All’

Sen. Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez say a "Koch brothers-funded study" shows "Medicare-for-all" would save money. But the study's author say they are misrepresenting his work.

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