Things that will help you learn to drive in Texas

Posted 3/25/2015 by Mark Hazleton

Shopping Cart Hero 2 is an inventive and great twist on a classic game. It retains all the parts of a classic "hit for distance" game that gamers love. Its inventive use of a power bar for the horizontal distance and one for the vertical distance is a clever way to make the game simpler.

Posted 1/16/2015 by Mark Hazleton
Uphill Rush is a flash game that has you race different vehicles on a variety of tracks.

Posted 1/16/2015 by

Pigs Can Fly is a unique puzzle game! Get the pig to the potion in 25 neat levels. But there is a fun twist - you need to use multiple cursors in order to beat each level. Give it a try!

Posted 1/16/2015 by Mark Hazleton

Learn To Fly 

Posted 12/28/2014 by
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