Arrival in the UK

Well we made to the UK in one piece.  The last minute rounds of strep throat among the kids made the flight extra special.  (don't ask unless you are willing to buy several pints to get the whole story)
Our air shipment was waiting for us in the house and in the right rooms no less.  We bought a bed for Marlis at IKEA and drove it home ourself (see above for instructions on how to find out the details).
There is a great chip shop right down the street as well as some good Indian and Chineese take out.  We have even made it out for a brief visit to a castle ruin that is about 5 miles away.
I hope to have regular i-net access in a couple of weeks, until then email is difficult since I am on dial-up and my spam in my inbox increases by over 200 a day (argh!)
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